Sunday, December 4, 2011

My Escort Policy...

so, i've been shooting for several years and, every now and then, i get a question about my strict escort policy...

your boyfriend can definitely drop you off and i'd even be happy to meet him. he just can't stick around for the shoot. sorry.

but i simply do not make exceptions to the no male escort rule. period. while your comfort is a priority, i shoot in my home. while my gf is absolutely fine allowing models to come & go, we have an understanding that no strange men be allowed in the condo. i have to respect her comfort, as well.

please check my references!  i put links on every image i post, so that prospective models can feel confident and free to contact all of the models i've worked with. i'm happy to provide e-mail addresses and phone numbers, upon request.

bottom line is that i've just had too much drama with male escorts. it seems that models attract jealous, overbearing assholes, far more than most women... i've had several run-ins with insecure boyfriends who aren't comfortable with their girlfriend posing (nude or clothed) for anything they feel isn't "appropriate."

i'm an artist.  NOT a relationship coach.  sorry,  i just don't have time for drama.  or even the slightest potential for drama...
likewise, i'll NEVER work with a model who lets someone else dictate what is "appropriate" or tell her what she is (or isn't) "allowed" to shoot. i choose to only collaborate with fellow independent, open-minded artists.

i find that if a model is worrying about what her boyfriend/husband/fiance thinks, it won't ever happen. that's why i prefer to work with nude models, even on fully-clothed sets. they just tend to be more open-minded and receptive to creativity...

i used to just have a no S.O. (significant others) policy, but then i had a model tell me she was bringing a "male friend," who turned out to be her jealous jerk of a fiance, who refused to let her out of his sight! he tried to get in my face when i told him he'd have to leave the room... i'm a big guy (6'7", 270 lbs), but i abhor violence, and i really don't ever want to have to put your bigmouth boyfriend in his place...

my general rule of thumb is that no unessential personnel are allowed at the shoot.  period.  i understand that, for safety reasons, an escort is appropriate and i always encourage new models to bring a FEMALE escort to our first shoot. in fact, i would recommend you NEVER shoot with a new photographer who won't allow you to bring an escort. and always always ALWAYS check the photographer's references by contacting the models in his portfolio. if he doesn't provide links on his images, he probably doesn't want you talking to the models. that's a HUGE red flag!!!

btw, i'd be more than happy to meet up for coffee, before we shoot together, if it would make you more comfortable/secure. you can even bring your boyfriend, if he wants to buy me a cup of coffee... just let me know.

anyway, sorry for the long-winded explanation. like i said, i've just had too much drama with male escorts. but i do get asked about my policy from time to time, and it's a legitimate concern, so i figured it deserved a thoughtful response...  i welcome your comments.  :)


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  2. Jason is SO right about the drama and tension male escorts bring to a shoot. If a model isn't willing to check out references and have the confidence to go to a shoot with a female companion or by herself after doing so, she is probably in the wrong business. How much more can a photographer do to make a model feel comfortable besides meeting in public and/or having her check out the photographers reference. The only real responsibility of the photographer is to make the model feel comfortable doing a shoot and provide quality images in a timely and professional manner.